So you've booked your session - what now?!

Prepare Yourself

  • hydrate!  Drinking water and moisturizing can make a big difference in the way your skin appears in pictures!
  • plan your outfit!  I recommend neutral colors, solids, and simple prints.  Please no logos or graphics! They won't read well in your images and will be distracting.  If you're not sure, ask me!
  • If we'll be working outside for all or part of your session, please wear clothes that are comfortable for sitting on the ground.
  • For newborn sessions, please prepare a clean white onesie and socks for your baby.
  • Please consider shorts for underneath any skirts or dresses.

Prepare Your Home

If the session will be taking place in your home, please take simple steps in preparing for my arrival.

  • de-clutter -  Nobody is perfect, and clutter is a thing I can relate to all too well.  Try to simplify areas of the home where we will be spending our time.
  • turn off all artificial lights within your home, open blinds, and remove black out curtains from windows.
  • unplug unnecessary cords -  Don't go crazy here - but if there are lamps or electronics with ugly exposed cords, unplug and tuck them away.  
  • furniture - please be prepared to move furniture upon my request.  While my goal is to capture your family in your organic environment, sometimes it may be necessary to make some adjustments for light.
  • cribs - please be prepared to raise or lower the height of your baby's crib.
  • if we'll be working inside your home, please be prepared to play some music... anything to create a positive calm environment, or get everyone dancing!

Please be aware...

I have a very severe nut & peanut allergy.  I appreciate any measures that can be taken to create a safe environment.  Please be mindful when giving children snacks before my arrival, and ensure hands and faces are clean.

If you have any questions leading up to your session, please don't hesitate to reach out! 

I get just as excited as my clients do leading up to a session and am always happy to discuss details and answer any questions!

***As ticks are prevalent in our area, please always perform checks (especially on little ones!) after outdoor sessions.

I always have "OFF!" bug spray with me - just ask if you would like to use it ***


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