Who is Katie Lauren?!

I'm a Dutchess County based photographer, specializing in newborn and family lifestyles portraiture.

My first camera was a gift at the age of 8 from my Great Grandparents, and I have rarely been caught without one ever since!  The quality of my gear has evolved from a simple 35mm film point and shoot camera then - to a professional DSLR now... but through all of the years and equipment upgrades, I've maintained my love for Canon cameras.  I received my Bachelors degree in Theatre (with a focus in lighting design) from SUNY Oswego.  Incorporating photography courses in my studies fell into place naturally as the two went hand in hand.

I specialize in low-stress fun experiences, highlighting genuine connections and interactions that narrate a story.  Nothing makes me happier than delivering images that encapsulate a moment, allowing you to return to that special time in your life again and again.

I'm a proud plant-mom with a love for glitter eyeshadow, dippin' dots, vintage lesportsac bags, 70s inspired floral prints, sparkling wine, and carbs in any shape and size.

Have a pet?  They are members of the family!

Let's include them in your next session!

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